LED Nail Lamp

LED Nail Lamp

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Nothing feels better than pampering yourself with beautiful shellac nails enhancing your positive thoughts that uplift your mood. Not to mention everyone else around will notice those nails and the positive vibe.  

 Introducing UVNail 2.0. 

Developed using ultra LED technology by TSC to ensure you enjoy 80% faster curing time on most gel nail polish. UVNail 2.0 uses the most popular and revolutionary technologies in the manicure industry, only used in leading salons and spas in the past. 

4 preset timings

According to a study conducted by Duke University and Environmental Working Group (EWG) most gel polish are cured within the integrated timings programmed in UVNail 2.0. 

Eco Friendly Power Consumption

UVNail 2.0 by TSC is inbuilt with its own IR sensor to detect your fingers to turn on or off, this function will hold the timing until your fingers are detected once again.  

Enjoy your personal moments at the comfort of your home

✅ Safe & easy to use. 

✅ 80% Faster Nail Curing 

✅ Temperature protection



3rd party after-market nail lamps do not cure gel nails to perfection, this may lead to uneven finishes and drips in design.


Frequently Asked Question 

Q. How long does this take to dry gel polish? 
A little less then 10~30 seconds it will dry a gel polish,This nail machine is more efficient than 40W because it has 120W, which is the best nail dryer.

Q. Are the bulbs in the lamp LED or UV? 
This is LED+UV dual light source LED light bead with 2 unique patent chips, optical wavelength are 365nm and 405nm, can cure all kinds of nail gel polishes.