Magnetic Bottle Holder
Magnetic Bottle Holder

Magnetic Bottle Holder

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  • Convenient: You won't have to reach through a crowded fridge to get to your favorite beverage!
  • Simple: Application to any surface is easy and durable! Sleek: Give your kitchen a more streamlined look!

  • Versatile: Between saving fridge space and de-cluttering your cupboards, these magnets hold tons of potential use!
  • Unique: Friends and family alike will be sure to comment!
  • Convenient and Easy to Use.
  • Super Strong Magnetic Strips.

  • Adheres to Any Spot in Your Fridge.
  • Two-Piece Set.
  • You'll have more space in your fridge for soda and beer with the Bottle Hanger. Each strip has three super strong magnets to keep your bottles in place.
  • How to use: Just stick it on the ceiling of your fridge.


  • Size: 38*38mm/1.5*1.5"
  • Material: ABS+ magnet