Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set
Gel Nail Polish Set

Gel Nail Polish Set

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6 Gel Polish Colors

This 6 Popular & Trendy Color Gel Polish set (Requires Top & Base Coat) is a gorgeous selection of colors that are perfect for both daily or event wear. Made from natural resin and non-toxic ingredients, Beetles’s gel polishes and generally last up to 2-3 weeks with proper application and care.

We have 10 color sets to choose from.

  • Spring Summer: 6 elegant shades of popular and trendy colors suitable for all seasons and daily routine life!
  • Summer Vibes: Carefully selected colors for summer, the vibrant orange brings the recovery of everything.
  • Peacock Feathers: Purple, Turquoise, Neon Green and Blue all are the PERFECT match for silver glitter.
  • Tea Party: Shades of pink and brown including a taupe, shimmer pink and glitter pink!
  • Lucky Lavender: Six subtle colors including nude, blush pink and lilac.
  • Summer Rainbow: Bring back the 90’s trend with Jelly nails!
  • Blue Jean Baby: A set of all royal blue shades! 
  • Champagne Toast: Classic gel polish set with silver gold glitter gel nail polish.
  • Candy Cane: 6 Christmas Candy Cane Gel Polish. It comes with the Snow White, Glitter Red, Flame Red, Rose Gold Silver.
  • Pink Confetti: 6 gorgeous colors of pink confetti glitter gel polish. 

Application Process. 

1. Preparation: Trim, file and buff nails for a clean and dry surface.
* Before opening the bottle, roll the bottle between your hands back and forth to gently mix.
2. Base Coat: Apply thin base coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 60-90 seconds.
3. Gel polish: Apply first thin layer of color gel polish and cure under UV/LED lamp for 90-120 seconds. Apply the second or third layer color gel polish.
* When applying color, wipe excess gel with brush before applying strokes.
4. Top Coat: Finish off with a layer of top coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 90-120 seconds.
* Applying every thin coat is the key

* Tips to avoid chipping:

1. Before applying, please ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free.
2. Don't apply gel on the skin or cuticle.
3. Apply gel to the edge of each nail to seal the gel with the brush horizontally to avoid chipping.

Removal Process:

1. Lightly buff off the shine from the top of nails using a nail buffer.
2. Soak a cotton ball or pad with nail gel remover and place on top of each nail.
3. Wrap the nail with aluminum foil or any nail wrap to secure and allow the remover to soak.
4. Soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.
5. Remove cotton and foils one at a time and gently push off gel using a removal wand. Gel should come off easily without much effort. If necessary, re-saturate cotton and rewrap finger and soak for 5 more minutes.
6. Lightly buff nails again once all gel is removed.


Notes: Gel polishes need to be cured with a UV/LED curing lamp. The length of time needed to dry will depend on the curing lamp. To remove, use a cotton ball soaked in acetone and wrap your finger in foil until the colors come loose. Once loose, you can use a scraper to scrape off excess.