LED Dog Safty Harness
LED Dog Safty Harness
LED Dog Safty Harness
LED Dog Safty Harness
LED Dog Safty Harness
LED Dog Safty Harness
LED Dog Safty Harness

LED Dog Safty Harness

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Keep Your Best Friend safe

Night walks, romping in the yard, early morning exercise… we know your dog is more than a pet, he’s your companion. We created the LightHound LED dog harness to allow the two of you to experience more together with peace of mind knowing that your best friend is safe and highly visible. Adventure more together with LightHound.

Size Chart

For an optimal fit, measure your dog’s chest girth- the widest part of your dog’s torso behind the front legs.

Product Size Weight Chest Girth
S Under 15 lbs 12.5-21"
M 14-45 lbs 17.5-30"
L 40-95 lbs 23.5-40"
XL 90+ lbs 32.5-50"

For Perfectionists...

Don’t worry too much about getting the sizing exactly correct. LightHound’s harness is adjustable at both the neck and chest so you can find your buddy’s ideal fit!

Photo showing the fit of a LightHound around the shoulders of a dog.


LightHound wraps your pup in full 360-degree illumination

''I can see my dog now from all angles and the darker it is, the brighter the light and the more visible he is!''



Designed for mobility and allowing full range of motion

''My dog loved the vest because it's light and it doesn't get in his way when he's walking!''.



Available in 4 sizes and fully adjustable for a comfortable fit

''I bought the large for my 80-pound lab & it fits perfectly with simple adjustments.''



the removable light unit allows the Lighthound to be machine washed

''Our greyhound has run through everything you can imagine and this thing still works and cleans up good as new.''


Built with Visual Science

  • 6 Multi-Color Flashing Modes

    Maximum visibility means grabbing attention. LightHound’s LED fiber optics have built-in flashing patterns that were designed using visual science to provide maximum visibility from dusk till dawn.

  • 8 Solid Color Modes

    Bright solid color modes make your pup loud and proud out on the road or in the yard. Cycle between red, yellow, magenta, blue, purple, pink, green, or cyan to give your dog the right glow.

  • Always Bright Illumination

    LightHound uses our patented technology to ensure your buddy is ultra-bright and ultra-visible, use after use, even when the battery gets low. Only LightHound has this crucial safety tech.


    Rugged Cordura Fabric

    Exceptionally strong, ultralight, breathable, and easy to clean- the base of LightHound’s harness is crafted from a single piece of CORDURA nylon fabric so your pup can wear it while playing rough and getting dirty.


    High-Strength Construction

    Combining high-strength stitching and reinforced stitching patterns, the LightHound’s leash ring webbing is secured to the Cordura fabric along the entire length of the harness, making LightHound comfortable for even the hardest pulling pups.