Sanitizing Floor Mats
Sanitizing Floor Mats
Sanitizing Floor Mats
Sanitizing Floor Mats
Sanitizing Floor Mats
Sanitizing Floor Mats

Sanitizing Floor Mats

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  • Clean, Disinfect & Sanitize: Newest Edition in shoe disinfecting mat. PVC scrubbing pad is made durable to tackle dirt and grime under all footwear types. Sani-Mat has created a high-quality-performing shoe sanitizer mat generating the best results in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Welcome your guests and clean shoes into your home, keeping your home and family safe.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: Sani-Mat is made as a multifunctional unit that can be placed at the entrance of any doorway. Utilize as an indoor doormat and outdoor doormat. Experience our sanitizing mat to disinfect all types of shoe soles from the messiest boots to the nicest office shoes.
  • Safe & non-slip: The floor mat has a double non-slip design and has a strong grip on the ground to prevent slipping. Anti-slip plugs are located at the four corners to improve the overall stability index and provide more protection for the elderly and children.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Product equipment is preassembled, instructions included explains how to attach parts together for immediate use. Soapy water or disinfectants should be added to reduce bacterial infections. Place sanitizing shoe mat at any preferred entryway.
  • Installation steps
  • Place the non-slip mat on the bottom layer.
  • Place the two trays on the non-slip mat.
  • Put the microfiber cloth on one side of the tray to absorb water.
  • Put PVA colloid and colloid cover in sequence on the other side of the tray, and pour diluted disinfectant water.

How to clean

  • Remove the disinfection mat.
  • Wash with water or soapy water (do not use washing machine).
  • Place in the sun to dry.
  • Use after reassembly.


  • Main component content of fabric: 91%-95%
  • Material: Polyester fiber (polyester)
  • Main component of fabric: Plastic
  • Fabric subcomponent: Polyester fiber (polyester)
  • Color: Dark gray, Brown
  • Size: 83*45*20cm

Package Content:
1 X Disinfecting Floor Mat