Moza Magical Sticks and Balls
Moza Magical Sticks and Balls
Moza Magical Sticks and Balls
Moza Magical Sticks and Balls
Moza Magical Sticks and Balls
Moza Magical Sticks and Balls
Moza Magical Sticks and Balls

Moza Magical Sticks and Balls

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⚠️ Choking Hazard - Children under 5 years may choke or suffocate on small parts which may cause serious injury. Adult supervision required. 

Release Your Inner Designer And Get Inventive With These All-New Building Toys!

Are you looking for ingenious and imaginative ways to kill your boredom?

Do you really want to have fun and enjoy a sense of productivity?

Then you're definitely in for a fascinating surprise. This new modern building toy is just for you!

Introducing Moza Magical Sticks and Balls, Entertainment for all ages!

Discover building concepts to suit all generations, find out unique and different ways to approach the structural designs with Moza Magical Sticks and Balls.


Unleash your artistic abilities and become a better visionary builder! You can assemble the magnetic sticks that have the quality of magnetism. They easily stick together and let you form a myriad of geometric shapes and patterns. To make everything a lot better, we made our balls not from magnet, so that way it is easier to control.

Challenge your kids and friends to build the best ideas using their cognitive skills!


Get Engaged With Your Family And Quit Computer Games! 

Time to switch off the TV and computer. Hours and hours of non-stop screen time is harmful to your body and weaken your potential for creativity. Utilize the time and mental ability to have a healthier relationship by enjoying together with the whole family.

🕒 60 Minutes of Physical Activity Daily

Research shows kids gain more valuable social skills from playing with family. Children’s anxiety levels can drop with mental and physical activity, which can strengthen children's social and personal development. WHO (World Health Organization) recommends youngsters should get 60 minutes or more physical activity on a daily basis.

Kids need a distraction – something engaging and fun to do – so they can give up on their screen usage, and we have a solution exactly for that!


Here is a sneak peek of some of the amazing benefits of this product:

  • ✅ Instant stress reliever: It brings deep relaxation and acts as a wonderful stressbuster. People of all ages can get engrossed in countless hours of entertainment.

  • ✅ Connects with family: In today’s busy world, Moza Magical Sticks and Balls bring closeness and help to develop a strong relationship and bonding.


  • ✅ Innovative mindset: A great way to get inspired and build phenomenal models. It enhances the inventive ideas to keep the mind busy and positive.


  • ✅ Physical, mental, and healthy activity: Children and adults both can immerse into an efficient creative process that can transform all the negative vibes into a healthy interactive session.


You Can Even Decorate Your Home/Office With Moza!


Besides all of the things you can do, how cool it would be to decorate your home with a your hand made accessory? Something you can build yourself, and when you are bored of it, you can do something else with it! 

You could show off to your friends and family, and show them your artistic side in a very fun way! Who wouldn’t love to see an admirable piece of art they have made in their house? To be honest, we would!



You can get different packages of sticks and balls as you desire for more imaginative structures. We offer 5 premium packages at the ultimate affordable prices! 


1. At the lowest price level is our 63 Pcs Set with 36 Magnetic Sticks, 27 Silver Balls which comes with a Premium Packaging Box ($29.9). It’s good for very basic shapes and structures to get a gist of what it’s all about. 

2. Our 126 Pcs Set which includes 72 Magnetic Sticks, 54 Silver Balls, Premium Packaging Box ($49.9) is the next step to challenge your mind for slightly bigger structures and possibilities.

3. It’s time to expand your creativity! 189 Pcs Set which consists of 108 Magnetic Sticks, 81 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box ($69.9) enables you to unlock bigger geometric structures and slightly complex shapes to swirl your creativity.

4. The 252 Pcs Set is our best seller which consists of 144 Magnetic Sticks, 108 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box ($89.9). It's the perfect set for polished builders looking to widen their world and unlocking an enormous range of geometries. Create epic structures and decoration pieces with your children. Unleash your inner imagination and artistry like never before without worrying about running out of pieces!

5. Special Mega Set contains 504 Pcs Set which include 288 Magnetic Sticks, 206 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box ($159.9). The bigger the better! Create intergalactic spaceships, explore the Transformers world, and so much more that you can even use as epic art pieces for your living room. Don’t just create structures; now create amazing stories with your creativity and geometries that you can tell all about to your friends. This massive set truly empowers you to unleash your inner creative beast while providing endless possibilities.


So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy our incredible packages today.