Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle
Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle
Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle
Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle
Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle
Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle
Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle

Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle

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This Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle is splendid. The pieces are cut with the precision of a surgeon. It will take you about 4 hours to finally be impressed with the finished job. The puzzle is extremely educational and informative. Once assembled, the object is beautiful, decorative. This puzzle is of excellent quality,  solid, and extremely precise. Finally, an ecological and biodegradable product.


  • Original Design: Comes with cutting technology, no burrs, smooth wooden sheets. Safe material and strictest quality control. You will have a good building experience.
  • Easy to Build: 286 wood pieces, easy to follow with illustrated English instruction. You may need to pop out the little wood pieces carefully step by step in case of broken. It will take about 4 hours to complete of course have a difference for different people.
  • Build this Movable 3D Wooden Truck Puzzle by Yourself: Support that children stay away from electronic products and create building hobbies of 3d puzzles. Promote patience, hand-eye cooperation, and motor skills. They will enjoy building for a few hours and have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Cool Home Decoration: You can decorate your room once completed and it will definitely catch visitors' eyes easily.
  • Unique and Educational Gifts for Kids: Kids will love you more when they received this gift on birthday or Christmas day.

Puzzle's benefits: 

  • Problem-solving skills

Even completing the simplest puzzle is critical in achieving a set goal. Children and toddlers must use their imagination and develop strategies on how to achieve this goal. This involves developing solutions, reasoning skills, and solving skills which they can later use in their adult future lives.

  • Cognitive skills

Puzzles can also assist your child to understand how to following step by step directions can help them achieve goals in life. Color, letter, and spatial awareness skills achieved while playing puzzles are very important. Since all children are unique, puzzles may be their main medium of understanding certain themes such as alphabetical letters.

  • Hand-eye coordination

Making the connection between the eye and the hand is better practiced by puzzles. From a jigsaw to a crossword puzzle, learning what fits and what does not fit is better done by puzzles. Erasing a word or trying out new pieces and writing in new ones assist a lot in developing this skill. As a matter of fact, children will try over and over again until they see what fits well.

  • Fine motor development

Fine motor skills are very important in everyday development. Learning these skills at an early stage will eventually assist them in drawing skills, handwriting, and musical instruments. Based on the kind of puzzles, children are asked to move large and small pieces, twist knobs, circle words, or make pieces fit into spaces.

  • Self-esteem

Just like an adult, the accomplishment of a set goal often brings so much satisfaction to a child. Overcoming the challenges involved in solving puzzles gives them a sense of pride and self-esteem. This not only boosts their self-confidence but also prepares them for other challenges in life.

  • Social skills

Puzzles are also great learning tools that enhance and promote corporative play. As children work together to complete puzzles they often discuss where a piece will go and why, share, take turns, and assist each other especially when handling frustrations. Finally, they share the joy of completing the puzzle.

Product Information:

Wood piece: 286pcs; Scale:1:16.

Assembly time: about 4 hours.

Recommend age:8+, children under the age of 8 can complete the assembly accompanied by their parents.

Package size:228*154*12 mm.