Fluffy Rug DIY Kit
Fluffy Rug DIY Kit
Fluffy Rug DIY Kit
Fluffy Rug DIY Kit
Fluffy Rug DIY Kit

Fluffy Rug DIY Kit

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Create your cute pompom mat with the Fluffy Rug DIY Kit!

This kit comes complete with all the tools you need to craft beautiful pompom rugs. It has 4 fluffball makers of different sizes for different styles. PLUS the various colors of yarns allows you to make creative results.

  • COMPLETE SET – Got everything you need for pompom crafting! This set comes complete with 4 fluffball makers of different sizes and 12 yarn balls for crafting different pompom styles.
  • CREATIVE RESULTS – The yarn balls’ assorted colors allow you to bring your imagination to the table so you can sew beautiful artworks.
  • EASY-TO-USE – No fuss, no sweat! All you need to is wind the yard to form a fluffball then cut it to your preference. That simple!

  • RELIEVES STRESS – Tired from a busy workday? This crafting kit also makes a great stress reliever by occupying your time with vibrant activity.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Not just for rugs, but the pompoms you’ll create with this are also great for making accessories and home decorations!

Craft your adorable pompom stuff with this!


Material/s: ABS Resin, POM Resin PVC (Fluffball Maker), Polyester (Yarn)

Weight: 710g

Fluffball Maker Sizes: 38mm / 48mm / 68mm / 88mm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set Fluffy Rug DIY Kit (includes 12 pcs. Yarn Balls & 4 pcs. Fluffball Makers)