Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot
Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot
Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot
Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot
Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot
Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot
Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot

Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot

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Make Sewing So Much Easier
Sew Rolled Hems Hassle-Free!

Tired of pinning down hems and moving the pins along as you go? Fed up with folding and ironing the hems first before sewing so you can get that clean professional look? Our Easy Hemming Sewing Foot will make sewing a million times easier! This revolutionary tool will make your sewing experience stress-free and hassle-free. With its added unique spiral design, it firmly holds hems while you sew. Whether you’re a novice or an expert with sewing machines, the Easy Hemming Sewing Foot is definitely a must-have for your sewing kit. Now, you can finally say goodbye to pins and sewing chalks for good!


  • Made of a durable, hard metal material for long time use
  • Widely used in clothes and other projects with lightweight fabric
  • Fits most sewing machines such as Brother, Singer, New Home, Janome, Toyota and all other domestic sewing machines with a low shank system
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Adds delicate and beautiful rolled hems to your projects

  1. Select desired wide rolled hem attachment size and attach it to the Sewing Foot.
  2. Trim about 1.0 cm (3/8”) from the corner of the cloth to make it easy to insert through the cloth entrance. (See Figure 1)
  3. Fold fabric edge approximately 0.60 cm (1/4”) and iron. (See Figure 2)
  4. Fold fabric again and insert it into the cloth entrance. (See Figure 3)
  5. Loosen the adjustment screw an adjust position of the sliding so the machine seams hem with a 0.30 cm allowance from the first fold.
  6. Lower the needle into the fabric at the point where sewing is to begin. Then lower the Sewing Foot.
  7. If necessary, pin the folded cloth approximately every 9 cm (3”) and remove pins while sewing.
  8. Slowly begin to sew while feeling cloth smoothly. (See Figure 4)


  • Size: 4/8" = 13mm
  • Net Weight: 20g


  • 1 x Easy Sewing Hemmer Foot