Easy Bag Bungee
Easy Bag Bungee

Easy Bag Bungee

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Carry More with less effort - the Easy Bag Bungee!

If you ever felt like you needed an extra pair of hands just to carry around your luggage when traveling, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE item for you!

The Easy Bag Bungee attaches to the handle of any wheeled luggage item (including single pole & double pole handles) and secures a second bag, coat or any other item to the handle, allowing the two items to move as one! This crafty solution will free your hands and make sure your bag will not get lost or stolen!


  •  Attaches to the handle system of ANY wheeled luggage.
  • Works on single pole or double pole telescoping handles
  • Secures a 2nd bag, backpack, coat or any other item!
  • Once secured, the two items move as one, Freeing your hands!
  • Great for keeping your bags from getting lost or stolen.

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